30 August, 2012

Tying triple shoe knots

I am so often surprised by what captures the attention of my children.
A seemingly mundane, every day task to me - such as tying shoe laces - has become a very important part of our morning ritual these last weeks.

And not just the tying of laces. 
It must be 3 sets of knots. 
TRIPLE knotted laces.

They pratice, they concentrate and they are so proud once they have achieved their goal.
Showing off their laces to, and encouraging each other.

Children really do help slow us down.
Encourage us to remain grounded. 
Remind us to find pleasure in the little things.

Their pure joy in the simplicities of life give me reason to smile each day.
(especially now that I know to leave a little extra time for shoes and lace tying, before we need to head out the door!)

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