10 August, 2012

The changing - Winter Seasonal Nature Table

On the eve of each season, as many Waldorf inspired families do. While the children are sleeping. I changed our Seasonal Nature Table from Autumn to Winter.

This way it stayed, having treasures and trinkets added to it from various places, as they were discovered.

Recently, Mr Turtle has been carrying out a new routine each night.
It took me a little while to work it out.
Once he is in bed for the night, he sneaks out and chooses another piece from around the house for 'His' own Seasonal Nature Table.
(I am usually doing the dishes at this time, and obviously hadn't heard him)

 I only noticed, when the family Seasonal Nature Table began to look even more barren, than when I had originally set it up.
And the friends that have been bought at markets and 2nd hand stores, began to look a little crowded.

Little Pipkin has stepped in though, and made it a Crystal Wonderland.

With these crisp mornings we're having, I think it's rather fitting.


  1. I love the idea of a crystal wonderland - it doen't snow or ice up where we live in Sydney though


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