04 August, 2012

Strawberry Sewing Kit

We celebrated a 5th birthday today, with 'E', 
a friend of Mr Turtles, from school.

 He came up with the idea of giving her a sewing kit. Thinking that 'E' would rather make herself something than my making something for her. 

 Although I snuck a little hand-made in anyway. 


  1. What a sweet gift, must make one for myself! Love how Mr Turtle sticks his tongue out as he concentrates!

    1. Having a sewing kit to hand is essential for me!
      Maybe have a peek at this post Kelly - http://lovesbyletabon.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/needle-pin-book-craft-trinket-tin.html
      I still use this exact kit today. It has everything I need ღ

  2. Doing things like this in class would give children a real sense of achievement although I think it would take more than a few days with the time allowed for each activity.

    1. Do you mean sewing the strawberry onto a piece of felt? If you chose a simple design, like a heart, that should be faster for the children to sew. You could perhaps make a book mark instead? ღ


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