18 August, 2012

Needle Felting Wool Pictures - Painting with wool scraps

I gave both my boys a piece of natural coloured flat wool felt, a 38gauge dry felting needle, a piece of foam each, and a jar of scraps to share.

This is my scraps jar.
Full of felt, thread, yarn and fleece pieces that have been left over from my projects throughout the year.

Little Pipkin is most certainly an Artist.
Using each medium to it's fullest effect and also incorporating many hues of each colour.

Mr Turtle is our Nature Boy.
I love the antlers on the deer (who was built from the hooves upwards), that the animals are in profile and the raised tree canopy.

Both of my boys are regular needle felters now and know how to use these super sharp needles safely.  I encourage all crafty parents to let their little ones have a go. Making sure they understand what will happen if they prick themselves (trust me, like us they try not to!)

I came up with the idea for this activity, when flicking through the book:

Magic Wool: Creative Pictures and Tableaux with Natural Sheep's Wool by Freya Jaffke & Dagmar Schmidt

Mr Turtle has asked if he "can make ALL pictures like this now?"
...I think he liked it... 


  1. Beautiful creations by your gorgeous sons Aleta!

  2. Aren't they Kelly!
    Painting with wool.
    A very special activity ღ
    (One day I hope we can use wool from our own animals... one day...)

  3. Gorgeous! I especially love Mr. Turtle's painting! The deer, the branch, all that...I LOVE IT. Aleta, You are the only one who gives me a green light for my kids to needle felt. I have been too chicken to let them use a needle felting needle. Now I see your boys creating such beautiful pictures, I am considering handing over some felt, leftover pencil rovings/yarns, felt, roving and the big shish-kebab needle. Inspiring blog! Love, Jzin, Southern California.


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