16 August, 2012

Making Tree Jewellery

This idea was completely Mr Turtle's. 
He wanted to make bracelets for trees.
We gathered 'gifts from Mother Earth' as Little Pipkin calls them - treasures from around our garden.
And collected an array of beads, string and wool.

 The beads and wool won out for our boys. I think they were drawn to the bright and shiny this time.

I enjoyed making something a little more natural.

Please Note: If you are creating these at home to tie around trees too. Use only materials that, if the chain eventually breaks and all falls to the ground, the items won't be harmful to plants, animals or people passing through (harmful items such as plastic).

To decorate your Wool yarn or String, use Shells, Natural buttons, Natural beads, Wool felt, Crystals, Leaves, Flowers & Seed Pods. All would be a great place to start, to give your trees some bling!


  1. This is such a special idea, how lovely.
    Take care


  2. Hi Linda!
    It's always wonderful to hear from you.
    'Mr Turtle' is such a lover of nature. And like all our little ones, is extremely imaginative. I love it when they come up with craft ideas ღ

  3. A beautiful craft - thanks for sharing. x

  4. Thank you everyone. For taking the time to stop and leave your beautiful comments.
    Much Love,
    Aleta ღ


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