05 August, 2012

Introducing... Dessert Chef ~ Mr Turtle

Mr Turtle, requested to completely make a dessert for us . 
All by himself. 
'From Scratch', as we say.

He has always been under the watchful eye of his Mama in the kitchen, until now. 
Now at age 6 1/4 (!) he is a very capable young boy and I thought, well let's see...

Dessert Chef Stirs, Explains, Samples.
I don't have an exact recipe to share with you, but I can tell you his combination of ingredients was absolutely yum. 

 The ingredients were:
Kamut & Rye flours, Baking powder,  Cinnamon, Rolled oats, Honey, Grapeseed oil and Goats milk.

 It turned out he wanted to make crunchy biscuits. 
But, as can be seen here, they came out like soft little pikelets.
I advised him that next time, perhaps no milk would make for a crunchier biscuit.

So we poured the remaining batter into patty pans.
As a muffin mix - it was perfect!

And then, the dessert chef, became th dessert waiter.
Don't you love the presentation?
Perhaps next time I'll point out the pretty plates too.

Yes there will be a next time.
He even cleaned up after himself!
Mr Turtle is definitely allowed back in my our kitchen.


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