31 August, 2012

The wonder of Children in Nature

There really is something to the saying ;
"Another child is every child's favourite toy".

 Intrinsically, children are adventurous, playful, curious and imaginative. 
They are also drawn to nature. 
So for me there is no question -  
Nature and the Child ARE one.

 It stands to reason then, that a group of children, permitted to freely explore in the bush, will have a wonderful time.

 All of these photos were taken on a recent walk. 
Two mamas. 
Four children, aged between 2 and 6 years.

We mamas chatted and observed from a distance. 
Available for a cuddle when needed (or just wanted).
My camera was hardly noticed.
It's not nearly as interesting as discovering rainbow coloured stones nor dripping tree sap!

The children naturally knew to jump back when, on lifting a rock,  a scorpion was discovered.
Knew to be gentle when they found clumps of moss.
They slowed down themselves, when running on gravel resulted in a slide out.
They chatted merrily, exclaimed vibrantly, concentrated thoroughly.

 And all of this, was their own.


  1. This is beautiful! Isn't it great just how naturally they play in the bush! I love it!

  2. oh just gorgeous!!!! Gosh we can learn so much by observing children explore :D Beautiful.
    Ashleigh xx Dashes of Love

  3. Gosh you have a lot on your blog. Great photos too. Keep finding new things I like: dry felting, wet felting, thin felting, embroidery and bugs. Lots to explore.

  4. Just beautiful, and couldn't agree more.

  5. I am loving the warmer weather we're having and (dare I say) no rain. It allows us to adventure further and more often. And of course, we all enjoy our time in the wilds, so much ღ


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