22 July, 2012

Spring in the air, already?

Here we are, still in July. 
The mornings are mostly crisp. 
Yet, the bush turkeys are already building nest mounds across the way from our home.

Our children noticed the first of the plum tree blossoms in my friend's garden.
I gratefully received a bunch of them to display cheerily in a vase in my kitchen.

And if we required any more evidence. We seem to have been inspired to begin Spring Cleaning
This photo is of the shared room of Our boys. Almost empty of furniture. In the throes of being completely sorted and scrubbed from skirting to cornice. 
The sun was shining beautifully this weekend, and we thought, let's air out the mattresses... and things followed on from there.

I'm not sure if it is wishful thinking, or just the blessing of living here on the Sunshine Coast. But we are all enjoying the sun rising earlier each morning. And we have begun planting out our garden, with excited anticipation. 

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