16 July, 2012

Ninjago Lego minifigure Red (&Orange!) felt man - Kai

Last Christmas things changed around here. 
We had requests for LEGO, after playing with it at friend's houses.
We have very few toys, and the vast majority are either wooden, 
Schleich animals, puzzles, pieces from nature 
or picked up from op-shops (thrift stores)...
I really did 'Hmmm and Haawww' quite a bit 
before I agreed with My Man that we should give it a go.

Well, since birthdays happened in April (and we were introduced to Ninjago...),
 I've really been experiencing Big changes in my boys. 
Mr Turtle (now 6) has become LEGO obsessed. 
He rarely plays with any other toy now. 
Lego can be found within faerie hollows in the garden, 
under pillows at bedtime and in pockets when we're out and about.

Yesterday, while I was crafting. My eldest wanted to join in too.
'Ahhh', I sighed happily. 
Pleased to have my Big Boy crafting beside me once again.

"Do you have any red felt Mama?" 
(Well, Yes. I'll just get it for you...)

I'm sure, you have guessed what Mr Turtle wanted to make?

Stuffing with wool fleece and a crochet hook
Using blanket stitch to close the stuffing hole
Drawing on the features with permanent marker
  4 y.o. Little Pipkin wanted to make an "Orange one"
The finished Kai doll with the original Lego minifigure version
Kind of cute, really.


  1. That is super cute Aleta, he did a great job, and funny there is a giveaway for this lego at the moment on the Planning with Kids blog ;-) meant to be?

    1. Thanks Kelly!
      We've entered the giveaway. We're all very excited and have our fingers crossed ღ

  2. That is very cute. I get my boys to sew as well, such a great life skill for them to have and also super for their fine motor.

  3. I couldn't agree more!
    A Fantastic life skill. My Man can sew, cook, knit, iron and all the traditionally 'male' things too. I think his Mum did a great job and I really would love for my boys to follow in their Dad's footsteps :)

  4. Wow, he did such an amazing job. Very cool! I do a lot of embroidery (mostly stumpwork and goldwork) and my son (4) has just started taking an interest. He's been doing some stitches in a hoop. I'm going to show him this, he'll be very impressed!

  5. I've been trying to think of a way to get my uber busy son to do handwork - Now I think I know what will work - felt lego minifigures! Clever. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. What a great activity! I bet he is a new fav toy!


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