14 July, 2012

Feeling Australia

I recently heard this poem being touchingly read by Natasha, Bill's grand-daughter (see poem below).  
It really struck a chord with me.

In 2004, on our return to Australia, (from living overseas for almost 7 years), my partner and I went directly to visit my folks in Carnarvon, WA.

The serenity of this bushland-coastal town and it's surroundings, the tangible red earth and obvious friendliness of my family and their friends, was immediately grounding. I knew I was home. I could feel it...

I feel it with my body, with my blood. 
Feeling all the trees, all this country. 
When this wind blow, you can feel it. 
Same for country … you feel it. 
You can look, 
but feeling … that make you. 

Bill Neidjie, 
Kakadu, NT Aboriginal Elder

Even today.
Living nestled amongst the lush Hinterland forests.

~A different time, daily life and surroundings.~

I still feel incredibly blessed.
EVERY day, as I step outside, drive around, travel further. Something inside of me, my heart, lifts.
I feel it in my body.
I Feel it.
 I am living exactly where I am supposed to be.

I LOVE Australia. 
Her beauty and all that she gives me.


  1. A beautiful post and a lovely poem.

  2. I live in Australia too so I "get" this. I work with Koori families and will share Bill Neidjie's poem. So happy to find this from Georgie @ Craft Chronicles on facebook.


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