23 June, 2012

Our gorgeous win from DebsSteinerDolls!

 An extremely special new family member arrived this week.
Created by the very talented Deb of DebsSteinerDolls.

We are so very grateful to Deb for holding her Dollar Dolly Giveaway, after reaching the well-deserved number of 750 likes on her facebook page.

Little Pipkin literally let out a squeal of delight when he discovered who the parcel waiting for us at the post office, was from!

We took the parcel home and gently unwrapped the delicate packaging.  

Little Pipkin gingerly took our little lady out of the tissue paper, held her tightly for a few minutes - "putting love into her" - and then gave her the first of her three names~

Mr Turtle was home from school a few hours later, to give her a name too~

Then together, the boys also chose~

So, welcome to our loving home ~
Violet Rose Buttercup

We are so happy to have you come and join our family.

 And again, thank you to Deb of DebsSteinerDolls for drawing Hinterland Mama out of all of those names!
Violet is beautifully made, with so much attention to detail 
and such a wonderful gift.

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