17 June, 2012

Jammie Ginger Biscuits

Winter morning feelings ...
Time for some comfort food
♥ Keeping chilly little fingers busy
Relishing warmth from the oven
Enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit, mid-morning

  Gluten-Free Jammie Ginger Biscuits

40g rapadura sugar
25g brown rice flour
25g almond meal
40g besan (chick/gram) flour
1/2t xanthum gum
2t ground ginger
Pinch Himalayan rock salt

75g butter
2T flaked almonds
 1T molasses
Sugar free, all natural Strawberry jam


Heat oven to 170 degrees celsius.
Mix all dry ingredients well in a large bowl.

On the stove, melt butter gently. Into this mix, stir through almonds and molasses. 

Combine wet and dry mixes quickly and thoroughly.
Place teaspoons full of batter onto a lined biscuit tray.
Make depressions in the centre of each biscuit.
Partly fill each depression with jam (if the jam is too full, it tends to overflow and burn)

Cook biscuits for 10-15mins. Remove when golden brown.
Eat when cool, lest the hot jam burns sensitive lips!

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