20 June, 2012

Garden faerie house

Faerie houses abound at the Waldorf/Steiner pre-school Mr Turtle attends.
I have taken many photos of these creative little houses this year. 

I love the organisation, cooperation and other life skills these often - very creative and always beautiful - 'buildings' encourage in our children.
I also love the magic that surrounds them. 

The children eagerly check their houses for any sign of faerie activity on each return to the playground.

Mr Turtle is pointing out the 'washing line' in this photo.
...And the faeries DO visit!
Sometimes they leave fairy dust. 
Sometimes a piece of 'furniture' has been relocated, or a bed has acquired some fleece - for a matress.
Sometimes, the children spot faerie footprints. Although not often "because faeries mostly fly".

Gnomes have been known to leave crystals and gemstones about too.

Our lives are very connected with this world of magic right now.

 Now we have built a faerie house in our own garden.
A "Nature House".
I helped the boys to build the frame and they have been fleshing out the design themselves.

 The tooth fairy will be visiting this year, we are pretty sure, and HE will need a house to rest in in our garden.
Mr Turtle assures me, OUR tooth fairy will be a HE.

 My boys know all about faeries. They see them often and even speak with them. 
Did you know, that goblins are in our gardens too? They aren't very nice to the faeries I hear.
Another reason resting faeries need their own sanctuary.

Children are so intuitive and imaginative. 
It's an absolute joy to be part of their world.

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  1. oh, I love fairy houses ... I want to make some with my niece!
    Thank you for following my blog, I have only recently discovered blog-train, but have found some lovely blogs on there!


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