25 June, 2012

garden faerie house - visitors...

In week 2, our Faerie Nature House (seen here in week 1) now has a floor of leaves. Floral decorations. Moreton Bay Chestnut pods for beds. Structural reinforcement by way of grasses wrapping the stick frame together...

 ...and then some magic happened.
Our boys went out for a visit one morning and found the faeries had made a sitting circle from stones, and left them covered in faerie gold!

As a thank you, our boys left their own circle. Of semi-precious stones.

While working away on their gift for the faeries, some of the comments I overheard were:

"I feel so happy I’m full up."

"We’re the luckiest people in the world."

"The faeries must LOVE their house!"
"The faeries have left a treasure hunt for us. They must know we love them. They’ve left sparkles of faerie gold!"

 And then an afternoon came, where shell drinking cups and a vessel holding water were discovered.
Met with more cries of delight:

"How did the faeries carry them here?" 

" I wonder if the gnomes helped them?"

 "I know they like to eat the honey inside flowers. Let's pick some flowers!"

Makes this Mama's heart smile.

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