03 May, 2012

Reading The Moneyless Man


I have finished reading a wonderful book by Mark Boyle - The Moneyless Man.
I loved this book. It was intelligent, entertaining, straightforward, very honest and above all interesting.
To begin, Mark describes some of the problems with the current economic system in a very simple to understand way. And explains how he manages to happily and healthily live by extracting himself (as much as possible) from the system, but not society.
Mark raises many points that perhaps we could each be more mindful of. In his own words: “Where money once provided me with my primary sense of security, I now find it in friends and the local community. Some of my closest mates are people I only met because I had to build real relationships with others based on trust and kindness, not money.”
As a person living in Bristol in the UK, he understands and explains the compromises and contradictions he comes into along the way. He provides us with recipes and how-to tips. He fills us with a sense of ‘can-do’ and love of our planet and fellow friend (many we just haven’t met yet).
Mark is a former businessman, with an economics degree. He now oversees the ‘freeconomy movement’ via its website: justfortheloveofit.org and writes a blog: freeconomy blog.
He is also on facebook via: The Moneyless Man
You can find further reading below:
One person can make a difference…

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  1. cool. checked out the website and going to request the book.


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