07 May, 2012

Gratefulness for Awards in Blogland

Quite often I live in my own world (dubbed Planet Aleta by many).
I don't watch TV. I don't listen to the radio. I don't read any weekly magazines or daily newspapers.
Oftentimes folk do not agree with this choice,
but I am happy in my world, with my family.

Online, I too drift in and out (you may have noticed!). But I spend more time here than in media land.
& Blogland, especially, I find an incredible place!

It fills me with gratitude, that so many people are willing to share their daily lives. To love without personal relationships. To give, encourage and support - with only the hope of the same in return.

One example of this is the renowned
Liebster (Dearest/Beloved) Award.

I have now recieved this award from FOUR wonderfully giving ladies. And I feel it is time to acknowledge them, thank them! and point you back in the direction of their blogs.
Each blog is individual.
Personal, interesting and very inspiring.

First was Kelly at Happy Whimsical Hearts.
Rubie Magpie.
Evi at Sister Sun.
and most recently, Natalie at The Little Gnomes Home.

Yes, I really do visit each one of their blogs. And so many more too.

I know I am not really playing by the rules
(ie. nominate 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed),
but here is the list of many blogs I love to stop in on.
I feel they all should get a mention!

  • (Inside A Black Apple)
  • ...Photographer Mum...
  • 5 Orange Potatoes
  • :: The Everyday Mum ::
  • a day with special 'k'
  • A Life Sustained
  • A little slice of life...
  • A Mountain Hearth
  • Aesthetic Nest
  • All Twisted Up
  • Ancient Hearth
  • And then there were four
  • angry chicken
  • apple of the forest
  • art and tree chatter of aquariann
  • Artemis Moon
  • bare feet and a free spirit
  • Beneath the Rowan Tree
  • Blonde Chicken Boutique
  • By Hook and Thread
  • Celebrate the Rhythm of Life
  • chikaustin
  • Chocolate Eyes
  • chookooloonks blog
  • CRAFT Magazine
  • craftapalooza
  • Curly Bird Express
  • Day to Day
  • Deeply Rooted Food Cooperative
  • EarthSchooling
  • Fiona Duthie
  • Fixie's Shelf
  • flowerpress
  • freeflowing ways
  • Frontier Dreams
  • guildmaker
  • Happy Whimsical Hearts
  • Heather Bullard
  • Here We Are Together
  • Hip Mountain Mama Blog
  • How About Orange
  • How The Sun Rose
  • Indigo Inspirations
  • Island Hearth & Handicrafts
  • it's all about the journey...
  • Itchin' Stitchin'
  • Ithaca Waldorf Handwork & more
  • ivy nest
  • Kari Chapin
  • Katia's Healthy Homeschooling Blog
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Laurie Coyle Designs
  • Living Crafts Blog 
  • MamaMoontime
  • many different pots
  • mati rose
  • MiddleEarths Jewels
  • Misadventures in Craft
  • Mollie Makes
  • Moment to Moment
  • Montessori Beginnings
  • Moonchild Dolls
  • morning sun rae
  • Mummyzilla
  • My Life
  • My Weblog
  • Myrtle & Eunice
  • Natural Family Crafts
  • Natural Suburbia
  • natureweaver school
  • Nestled Under Rainbows
  • not martha
  • Ohangelina's Blog
  • Oliver + S
  • One Hook Wonder
  • one little stitch
  • Our Busy Little Bunch
  • Path to Self Sufficiency
  • Puckleberry® Loves to Craft
  • purple pear organics
  • q.D.PaToOtieS
  • retro mama
  • Rhythm & Rhyme
  • Rhythm of the Home Blog
  • Ruby Magpie
  • Salt and Chocolate
  • SAW :: Squam Art Workshops Lakeside Arts Retreat
  • selfsewn
  • seven thirty three - - - a creative blog
  • Sewfunky
  • Simple & Sincere
  • simple mom
  • sister sun
  • Softearth's World
  • Some Girls Wander
  • SouleMama
  • Spud & Chloë — Blog
  • Stitching Cow
  • swallowfield
  • Sweet paul
  • tea with lucy
  • The Enchanted Tree
  • The Handmade Homemaker
  • The Little Gnomes Home
  • The little house by the sea
  • The Magic Onions :: A Waldorf Inspired Blog
  • The Mystical Kingdom
  • The Parenting Passageway
  • The Waldorf Way
  • The Wonder of Childhood
  • This Cosy Life
  • this whole family
  • time 4 craft at toadstool house
  • To the Lesson!
  • Totally Smitten Mama
  • Travel with Tarsh
  • Twig and Toadstool
  • Two Ducks Swimming
  • Waldorf Essentials
  • waldorf mama
  • we bloom here
  • Wee Cute Treasures
  • Wee Folk Art
  • Wild and Precious Life
  • Windfall Dolls
  • Wondering Willow
  • Wool love-functional fiber art
  • Wooly Moss Roots
  • www.gregariouspeach.com
  • ziezo

  • I hope that list would keep anyone inspired and feeling the love
    fore as much time as they can spare!

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