06 May, 2012

Gluten free chapatis

We have always tried to use less wheat in our kitchen.
More and more now though, we find ourselves trying to use less gluten.

My Man made a delectable curry dinner for us all this week and to go alongside, I made some chapatis - which we all love.
Wanting to avoid using Atta flour, I had to create my own recipe.
Happily, the result was delicious and I wanted to share it.

Gluten free chapati recipe
1/4cup buckwheat flour
1/4cup maize flour
1/4cup millet flour
1 level tspn xanthum gum
1/8t baking powder

sprinkle of nigella seeds
pinch of himalayan rock salt
Water to form dough
Measure and sift all flours and powders together. Re-sift.
Add the seeds and salt, then continuously mix while pouring in tepid water, until the mix comes together as a dough (this is most easily accomplished in a food processor).
Cut dough into 4 even pieces. roll each out very thinly (little hands enjoy helping with this part).
Cook as you would pancakes. We use ghee to oil the pan.
Serve warm.

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