29 May, 2012

Felt Crowns for Play (birthday or dressup Part II)

I have been making felt crowns as I mentioned in the first felt crown post.
For the children to play prince and princess dress-up 
in class at our pre-school.
Or really, 

knowing children and their endless imaginations, 
they could become anything wearing these crowns, 
couldn't they?

 Both of these crowns look fairly traditional I think.
I made these first, with the idea of simplicity, pastel colours 
and felt shapes to imitate gemstones.

Then I allowed myself to be inspired by what I see around me every day.
The scenes that take my breath away here on the Sunshine Coast.

The fairy-tale forest.
Mother Nature's sanctuary.
Our surrounds, 
where imagination runs free and real magic can happen.

 My Little Pipkin delightedly modelled, 
my Elven Princess Coronet

Mr Turtle, tired after another fun-filled day at school.
Modelling my Prince of the Forest Crown

 I hope you like them.
Happily, the children do.


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