27 May, 2012

Family Woodworking with Pallets

We recently were given a stack of pallets by a solar panel company who were going to dump them.
We were told they were untreated wood,
and they were free!
Perfect for us.

All of my guys worked together to produce a planter box.
Made to donate to our recent school festival.

Built from recycled timber.
Sealed with BIO wood varnish.
Filled with our own organic compost and worm castings.
Made with love.

My Man cut the ends off each of the pallets,
which the boys are now using as shelves...

 ...and to make a stage for performances.
Do you like the pavers at the front? The little alcove with the oranges?
That is an 'orange ripener', they tell me.


  1. Oh I like this plant boxes, my husband and my son made one too, for the tomatoe plants.

    1. Isn't it a wonderful experience for our little ones?
      Our boys helped collect the pallets, build with them, and also were along to donate the finished product.
      I'm sure at least some of those experiences will stay with them for life. ღ

  2. I love the stage. What a great thing to do with pallets. I have quite a few left from our storage days. Perhaps I could entice my husband to make something similar.

    Thank you for your visit to the Northwoods!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Hanneke!
      Like most children, ours love to perform - act, dance, sing...

      BTW - Your blog is lots of fun! ...I haven't met a thousand year old Mama before, what's she like? *wink*


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