05 April, 2012

Making Lemongrass & Ginger Water

A few months ago a friend introduced us to her family's favourite drink.
They make it themselves, with lemongrass and apple mint.

After taking home a bunch of lemongrass that very day, from her home. We came up with our own (new) favourite family drink.
Lemongrass and Ginger Water.

Here's how-
  • Take about 4 large stalks of lemongrass. Cut them in half to fit into your glass bottle or jug. (if you have bought a bunch, you can freeze the unused stalks to use next time).
  • Cut about a centimetre of ginger from the root and add to the bottle.
  • Fill about 1/2 of the jar with cool drinking water.
  • Fill jar to the top with boiled drinking water. (for two reasons. 1. to not crack the glass & 2. to increase the amount of flavour released from the lemongrass and ginger.)
  • Once all of the water has cooled in the jar, keep in the fridge.
  • Drink when cold.
  • Each time you pour a glass of lemongrass and ginger water, replace it with cool drinking water and return to the fridge.
  • The flavour will continue to intensify while it is sitting in the fridge, so remember to drink it often, otherwise dilute with plain drinking water.
  • I found it lasts at least two weeks in the fridge.
*You could add a handful of a favourite herb from the garden to change the flavour.
Always experiment!

Bottle of lemongrass & ginger water
Our boys are rather fond of straws.
Here are some from Mother Nature.
When you cut lengths of lemongrass stalks from the top (about 15-20cm long),  - they are hollow inside. They not only make  great straws, they give the refreshing lemongrass flavour to your drink, at the same time.



  1. My friend just told me this is her new favorite...love ginger & lemon grass. I'm off the store right now. :)

  2. My neighbor just brought some lemon grass & ginger water to our neighborhood meeting. Wow it is so refreshing. I'm going to make it often from now on.


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