21 April, 2012

Getting creative in the school holidays

Our  school holidays are now finished here on the Sunshine Coast.
It was lovely not having to get up and busy by a certain time each morning.

I had two handmaketh workshops and plenty else on.
However, we all still found time to get crafty and creative.

Here is some of what we got up to.
Clay Play.
A beautiful rainbow by Little Pip.
The knitted ladybug bookmark I mentioned on my facebook page,
that I am so proud of completing!
Our boys completed their peg doll gnomes they began last year at Craft Group.
Setting up the story of 'The 3 Little Pigs' to play with cousin J-man
Mr Turtle sitting in his "Nature Shelter"
(I love the doorstep!)
And I DID make another dragonfly. This time with flat felt wings.
felt dragonfly tutorial here.
 What did you get up to in the holidays with your children?
(I always love learning new ideas)

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  1. I love your little ladybug bookmark. So cute! Your dragonfly is gorgeous too.


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