07 April, 2012

Birthday celebration

As I am sure I have mentioned. Our boys are growing up!
Little Pipkin turned 4 this week and Mr Turtle turns 6 in two weeks time.
We celebrated with a few friends yesterday.
The weather was perfect. The cakes were yummy and the main thing 
- a wonderful time was had by all.
Plenty of gorgeous, happy faces.

Mr Turtle's (left) cake
Mr Turtle's 'Passion Cake' was from the book "The Everyday Wheat-free & Gluten-free Cookbook" by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

Little Pipkin's (centre) cake
Little Pipkin's 'Almond Sponge Cake' was from the book "Great Healthy Food Gluten-Free" by Michael Cox

* The third member of the trio, in each photo, is my gorgeous little nephew J-man, 
who was of course part of all of the excitement.

Happy Birth-Day to my beautiful boys

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