08 March, 2012

Walnut shell beeswax candles

It is tricky to split a walnut exactly in half.
I found that using a knife and tapping it with a mallet, makes it easier.

There are many projects I would like to use the successful walnut shells for.
Several are outlined in the wonderful book 'The Children's Year'.
(Some of us refer to this book, with a smile, as the Waldorf-Steiner craft bible).
I especially love the idea of the walnut shell's potential as a cradle.
And another idea I have wanted to try for a while...
to make a few walnut candles for the centre 
of our dinner table this Autumn.

*Hint~ to pour evenly, I placed a dot of homemade playdough under each shell, 
before pouring. And while cooling.

Little fingers enjoyed helping with this and with adding the wicks to the cooling wax.

The result.
Scrumptious ~ Delectable ~ Natural, seasonal candles.


  1. These are lovely! We also have this book,it's a treasure.

  2. Great tips, and I have that book on my wish list - good to know you enjoy it :-)

  3. Brilliant idea with the play dough! Time to try this again with the kids without burning fingers.

  4. Thank you everyone!
    It really is a wonderful book. Full of sooo many simple ideas and how to execute them.
    We used our first walnut shell candle on the table tonight. A warm glow within wood. There really is something special about that ღ


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