06 March, 2012

Making for our Pre-school - Autumn

I mentioned that my hands have been busy.
With projects for
handmaketh, with pieces for our own Seasonal Nature Table, 
everyday creating with my children and
with making Autumn goodness, for our pre-school.

A wee Harvest Mother
Autumnal Gnomes
Needle felted pears
Needle felted apples
Needle felted pumpkins
Hand-sewn & embroidered Sleep-time gnomes
A few more embroidered leaves
I couldn't resist showing my sweet Harvest Mother again, complete with her basket of apples. 
I love these little dolls. They fit into my hand comfortably and so, are just the right size for our inquisitive, playful, Little ones

With all of the wind and heavy rain on the Sunshine Coast these last couple of weeks. And with these joyful Autumn colours passing through my hands. Perhaps it is beginning to feel like the seasons are changing.

Can you feel it too?


  1. Hi! You have such a beautiful blog!! So lovely to come across a like minded mama. I look forward to following, Belinda

    1. Thank you Belinda. I have been to visit over your way too and think I have truly discovered a Kindred Spirit! ღ

  2. Wonderful needle felting and sewing, cheers Marie

    1. That is such an enormous compliment coming from you Marie! Thank you for returning so often and your beautiful comments ღ

  3. Beautiful work, your Harvest Mother is just wonderful. Hope the rains are not affecting you to much x

    1. Hi Kelly.
      I continuously am grateful for our luck (?) over these last two years of unimaginable weather. The weather of late has been truly incredible. Everyone we know are safe and sound. We all have stories, but gratefully none of them tragic. Everything can be replaced, except the one thing that matters most - Our Lives.

      As I'm sure you can tell, I love my sweet little Harvest Mother too. Thanks for saying so!

  4. What lovely creations!!! I will have to come back to this page once we hit Autumn in September. May I pin this on pinterest?

    1. Pin away Nicole! Thank you so much for coming by to see what I get up to. I would love to have you drop in again ღ

  5. What a bunch of very fun autumn felt items. Love the detail on your little gnomes,and your needle felting is very pretty!

    1. Thank you for coming by again April. It's always wonderful to hear from you.
      I love reading what you have been up to over your way too. Such fun exploring the fairy tales!


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