23 March, 2012

handmaketh easter workshop 2012

Our Easter workshop is happening this Sunday!
We have been doing A LOT of preparation.
It has been very busy and very exciting.

Adding the finishing touches to a very soft gosling (or duckling).
My own pattern - I have been creating original patterns!-
and made from a jumper I fulled a while ago.
Here is a sneak peek of what I have been making, as samples to demonstrate our creative Easter workshop this Sunday.
Egg-shaped rainbow geodes

Wet-felted carrot bunch.
For the bunnies on our Easter table!

One of the original patterns I have been
working on. A chicken.
Drawing a design onto dark coloured felt can be difficult. So I use a tip I picked up from reading Shannon's blog - Rhythm & Rhyme... 
Use a metallic or glittery pen!

I am in love with the tiny chicks and ducklings I have been making.
And those sweet chicken feet!

I am looking forward to sharing these on Sunday.
Are you coming along to one of our handmaketh workshops?
I hope so!


  1. Your creations are lovely! And how cute are those carrots!! Have fun at your next workshop :-)

  2. Wonderful creations. Have you ever thought about an online class for those of us not living in your area? You create such gorgeous items and it would be marvellous to learn to create some of these.

  3. Thank you ladies. Your compliments warm my heart. I love the world of blogging!

    Actually, I HAVE thought about online courses. However I really don't yet know too much about them. If and when I do, I'll be sure to let everyone know. Thanks so much for the suggestion. It's lovely to know there would be interested folk out there ♥


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