14 March, 2012

Faerie (Furniture) Carpentry

There has been a shift in woodworking activities around here this week.
Faerie houses have become the newest interest and one I am very happy to encourage!

 Little Pipkin has been hard at work creating faerie beds.

These have been made extra comfy with generous amounts of raw sheep fleece.

Surely every faerie that happens to pass by our way (and also by the school playground, where there is an extremely extravagant faerie house being created), will be sure to stop in, at such a cosy nook!

Meanwhile, Mr Turtle has made an essential sign, for any wayward faeries.

Such delight,
for young and old alike!


  1. So cute. I always did wish Faeries would come and visit my garden. xxx Love Aunty Mewwie xx

  2. I just love the adventures these boys get up to outdoors!


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