11 March, 2012

Busy March Weekend

The weather is fine and we've been busy.
We began the weekend with our usual trip to 
Yandina markets for our fruit and vegetables.

The first stall the boys headed toward sold these knights. Yes, plastic, 
but second hand and very them right now. 
They turned out to be the best purchase of the day! 
Every time I stopped to chat to someone...the jousting knights came out 
and my little ones entertained themselves happily.
As the weekend has gone on actually, I have become very grateful 
that my boys discovered these little fellows. (And they are too!)

Oatmeal Crunch Biscuits
We came home and baked biscuits to have with cups of tea (a bit of a new tradition).
Then headed out into the garden with our newest seedlings.

Little Pipkin insisted on adding some new compost to the pots.
I  know he scooped up some of the surrounding decomposing leaves in the process. However, this was completely fine. I am all about encouraging their interest in gardening.

Mr Turtle sang a little song, he made up as he went along.
The words were sweet. About growing our own food instead of buying it.

While we were planting, we sowed a few more pak choi seeds 
from those we saved last year.

For dinner Saturday, I made a yummy salad 
with some of our purchases from the morning.

And today, Sunday, the morning began 
with a welcome surprise visit by my Sister's family.
The cousins played Bear Hunt
Singing the whole story, three times over, 
so that they each had a chance to be the bear hiding in the cave.

You can see the grass (green playcloth), the mud (brown playcloth) 
and forest (chairs and cloths).
Then we headed out to celebrate the Holi Festival at Saffron Namaste in Pomona.
Lots of colour, cuddles, dancing and smiles!

Followed by a play in the wonderful playground in Pomona, before heading home for a restful afternoon... crafting, colouring and doing puzzles.

We never know how our weekends will turn out.
They often are bountiful, and surprise us.

How was yours?


  1. What fun! We love that book as well. The squelch of the mud is our favorite verse. Our weekend was quick and crafty here :) Hope you all have a great week ahead!

  2. I was reading that book to my eldest when he was merely weeks old. I love the rhythm to it. And he (obviously) is still enjoying it now at almost age 6.
    Fun for all ages!


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