30 March, 2012

Birthday Girl - 37 years

When I awoke, I felt my birthday was very similar to most other Wednesdays.
However it was a little different too.
I had more emails, texts and phonecalls than on an average day.
I am much busier with handmaketh as the weeks go by (a wonderful, wonderful thing) and spent much of the day absorbed in organising, discussing and preparing for our new venture.

But the most special events, that set the day apart were:
* A group of beautiful souls sang to me at school drop off - very emotional. I had no idea that my birth day was common knowledge.
*I got to hang out with a dear friend for a few hours, just us. Which doesn't happen too often.
*My Sister, nephew and own Mama came by in the early evening to give me love.

 *My eldest, Mr Turtle, drew me a treasure map, which led to a real treasure (X marked the spot) - a nature birthday card he made.
I just love the pool and swing he drew. Little Pipkin was particularly excited about the inclusion of this 'clue' on the map.

And at the end of the night. My Mum and her grandsons, prepared the dinner table. Complete with crystals, a hand-rolled candle and dancing gnomes (made by another dear friend, adapted from this pattern).
And the boys (aged 2,3&5) sang happy birthday to me as I cried and cried with tears of truly surprised joy!

Thank you to all of you who took the time to contact, and think of me.
I had a wonderful day.

and i look forward to my 'birthday week' ahead
- a private joke in my family...


  1. A very happy belated birthday to you!! Your day sounds simply delightful and and with such love surrounding you, you will certainly have a wonderful year ahead!!! hugs for a great mama xx

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day :-) Love your treasure map! I bet Mr Turtle was super excited making that for you :-)

  3. I hope you had a wonderfully happy birthday Aleta and may you have a lovely birthday week ahead. Thank you for sending the gorgeous chicken pattern and congratulations on this delightful creation.


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