26 March, 2012

Bath Games with Bubbles and Beeswax

As it is cooling down outside, warm baths are a lovely way to round off a busy day.
I prefer getting the most out of all of that water too.
So, I encourage our boys to play in the bath.

 Cold bodies after a recent swim.
Warming up, before slowing down for the end of the day.
Cousins enjoy blowing bubbles too.

I was asked one question on a visit to our school 'Treasure House' last week.
'Do you give modelling beeswax to your children in the bath?'

 Until then, I hadn't thought of it.

Pink boat with mast.
by Mr Turtle
My paddle is keen and bright, flashing with silver...
by Little Pipkin

Do you have any bath time fun games you would like to share?

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