22 March, 2012

Autumn Garland and Seasonal Tree

I felt inspired to do something a little different 
with our Season's tree this Autumn.

I love the effect. 
The warm coloured leaves are hot glued into place, 
and the variation in colour picks out the rainbows in our faerie door 
(from Happy Whimsical Hearts!) and sweet photo of our boys. 

Tree with hand-dyed wool wrapped branches and
suspended hemp tied coloured stones.
I am considering removing the leaves again, for winter.
I think the tree looks gorgeous just like this too.

 I also made an Autumnal garland.
My first ever bunting
I really like the contrast against the timber blind.

Once the leaves were cut out of fulled, hand-dyed and machine felt. 
They were sewn, using the sewing machine, onto gold ribbon.

I am enjoying, really getting into this season.
These are many of my favourite colours.
And outside, the weather is changing, noticeably.

Combining all we notice outside, and 'making' to bring inside,
is a great feeling. Somehow aligning ourselves with Nature.
Our boys are finding gorgeous seed pods and the most colourful leaves, too.


  1. Gorgeous much! Looks wonderful and inspiring x

  2. Lovely banner and branches, I still am adjusting to the fact that 'autumn' has started. . . although the long rains are very welcome to start.

  3. I admit. I am pausing just a little longer, each time I walk past these latest creations. I am really enjoying them.
    The long rains have begun here. We are about a month into them. Lots and lots...and lots of water around!


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