31 March, 2012

Finished projects - Santa and Mice

Mr Turtle has (finally) completed his wood and wire doll Santa.
Started before Christmas, he completed sewing it this week, in time to give to a dear little friend of his, for her birthday blessing gift.
I apologise for not taking a final photo. However, I am sure you get the idea?

And for the preschool. I made a needle felted mouse family.
Very simple, no features - early learning Waldorf style.
However, I couldn't resist individualising them with different coloured felted tails.

Scurry, Scurry...

30 March, 2012

Birthday Girl - 37 years

When I awoke, I felt my birthday was very similar to most other Wednesdays.
However it was a little different too.
I had more emails, texts and phonecalls than on an average day.
I am much busier with handmaketh as the weeks go by (a wonderful, wonderful thing) and spent much of the day absorbed in organising, discussing and preparing for our new venture.

But the most special events, that set the day apart were:
* A group of beautiful souls sang to me at school drop off - very emotional. I had no idea that my birth day was common knowledge.
*I got to hang out with a dear friend for a few hours, just us. Which doesn't happen too often.
*My Sister, nephew and own Mama came by in the early evening to give me love.

 *My eldest, Mr Turtle, drew me a treasure map, which led to a real treasure (X marked the spot) - a nature birthday card he made.
I just love the pool and swing he drew. Little Pipkin was particularly excited about the inclusion of this 'clue' on the map.

And at the end of the night. My Mum and her grandsons, prepared the dinner table. Complete with crystals, a hand-rolled candle and dancing gnomes (made by another dear friend, adapted from this pattern).
And the boys (aged 2,3&5) sang happy birthday to me as I cried and cried with tears of truly surprised joy!

Thank you to all of you who took the time to contact, and think of me.
I had a wonderful day.

and i look forward to my 'birthday week' ahead
- a private joke in my family...

26 March, 2012

Bath Games with Bubbles and Beeswax

As it is cooling down outside, warm baths are a lovely way to round off a busy day.
I prefer getting the most out of all of that water too.
So, I encourage our boys to play in the bath.

 Cold bodies after a recent swim.
Warming up, before slowing down for the end of the day.
Cousins enjoy blowing bubbles too.

I was asked one question on a visit to our school 'Treasure House' last week.
'Do you give modelling beeswax to your children in the bath?'

 Until then, I hadn't thought of it.

Pink boat with mast.
by Mr Turtle
My paddle is keen and bright, flashing with silver...
by Little Pipkin

Do you have any bath time fun games you would like to share?

24 March, 2012

Easter felt animal kits

Here they are.
The felt animals I have been working so diligently on.
New, original patterns to teach at a workshop.

AND I am excited to say, I have been making up kits of these sweet Mama and Baby families, to sell too.

What do you think?

Linking to Natural Suburbia's
Creative Friday

23 March, 2012

handmaketh easter workshop 2012

Our Easter workshop is happening this Sunday!
We have been doing A LOT of preparation.
It has been very busy and very exciting.

Adding the finishing touches to a very soft gosling (or duckling).
My own pattern - I have been creating original patterns!-
and made from a jumper I fulled a while ago.
Here is a sneak peek of what I have been making, as samples to demonstrate our creative Easter workshop this Sunday.
Egg-shaped rainbow geodes

Wet-felted carrot bunch.
For the bunnies on our Easter table!

One of the original patterns I have been
working on. A chicken.
Drawing a design onto dark coloured felt can be difficult. So I use a tip I picked up from reading Shannon's blog - Rhythm & Rhyme... 
Use a metallic or glittery pen!

I am in love with the tiny chicks and ducklings I have been making.
And those sweet chicken feet!

I am looking forward to sharing these on Sunday.
Are you coming along to one of our handmaketh workshops?
I hope so!

22 March, 2012

Autumn Garland and Seasonal Tree

I felt inspired to do something a little different 
with our Season's tree this Autumn.

I love the effect. 
The warm coloured leaves are hot glued into place, 
and the variation in colour picks out the rainbows in our faerie door 
(from Happy Whimsical Hearts!) and sweet photo of our boys. 

Tree with hand-dyed wool wrapped branches and
suspended hemp tied coloured stones.
I am considering removing the leaves again, for winter.
I think the tree looks gorgeous just like this too.

 I also made an Autumnal garland.
My first ever bunting
I really like the contrast against the timber blind.

Once the leaves were cut out of fulled, hand-dyed and machine felt. 
They were sewn, using the sewing machine, onto gold ribbon.

I am enjoying, really getting into this season.
These are many of my favourite colours.
And outside, the weather is changing, noticeably.

Combining all we notice outside, and 'making' to bring inside,
is a great feeling. Somehow aligning ourselves with Nature.
Our boys are finding gorgeous seed pods and the most colourful leaves, too.

19 March, 2012

Weaving with grass, tutorial... a child's perspective

This weekend there has been a lot of rain.
As you can see in the new lake around our faerie sign.

So lots of undercover crafting this weekend.

Like sewing a felt teapot.
Mr Turtle sways between this and finishing his doll 
(I mentioned on facebook a couple of weeks ago.)
 And weaving with native grass we picked and brought home from school.

I thought i would take some photos, to provide a short tutorial. 
While I was photographing, Mr Turtle (5) and Little Pipkin (3) 
were giving a commentary. 
So, I decided I would take a video instead.
Our first ever Vlog. How exciting!

I think the video turned out very well.
(in the background you can hear the rain 
and my little nephew J-man, chatting away)
Oh how I love my boys!

Connecting with The Magic Onion's
Friday Nature Table

14 March, 2012

Faerie (Furniture) Carpentry

There has been a shift in woodworking activities around here this week.
Faerie houses have become the newest interest and one I am very happy to encourage!

 Little Pipkin has been hard at work creating faerie beds.

These have been made extra comfy with generous amounts of raw sheep fleece.

Surely every faerie that happens to pass by our way (and also by the school playground, where there is an extremely extravagant faerie house being created), will be sure to stop in, at such a cosy nook!

Meanwhile, Mr Turtle has made an essential sign, for any wayward faeries.

Such delight,
for young and old alike!

11 March, 2012

Busy March Weekend

The weather is fine and we've been busy.
We began the weekend with our usual trip to 
Yandina markets for our fruit and vegetables.

The first stall the boys headed toward sold these knights. Yes, plastic, 
but second hand and very them right now. 
They turned out to be the best purchase of the day! 
Every time I stopped to chat to someone...the jousting knights came out 
and my little ones entertained themselves happily.
As the weekend has gone on actually, I have become very grateful 
that my boys discovered these little fellows. (And they are too!)

Oatmeal Crunch Biscuits
We came home and baked biscuits to have with cups of tea (a bit of a new tradition).
Then headed out into the garden with our newest seedlings.

Little Pipkin insisted on adding some new compost to the pots.
I  know he scooped up some of the surrounding decomposing leaves in the process. However, this was completely fine. I am all about encouraging their interest in gardening.

Mr Turtle sang a little song, he made up as he went along.
The words were sweet. About growing our own food instead of buying it.

While we were planting, we sowed a few more pak choi seeds 
from those we saved last year.

For dinner Saturday, I made a yummy salad 
with some of our purchases from the morning.

And today, Sunday, the morning began 
with a welcome surprise visit by my Sister's family.
The cousins played Bear Hunt
Singing the whole story, three times over, 
so that they each had a chance to be the bear hiding in the cave.

You can see the grass (green playcloth), the mud (brown playcloth) 
and forest (chairs and cloths).
Then we headed out to celebrate the Holi Festival at Saffron Namaste in Pomona.
Lots of colour, cuddles, dancing and smiles!

Followed by a play in the wonderful playground in Pomona, before heading home for a restful afternoon... crafting, colouring and doing puzzles.

We never know how our weekends will turn out.
They often are bountiful, and surprise us.

How was yours?

09 March, 2012

Opal Rocks - Water Glowing

A friend told me that if you put Opals into water, they appear to glow!
The colours are magnified. Vibrantly enhanced.

  I had to try this out for myself. I thought this would be a wonderful experience for Our boys to witness too.
So when next in Cooroy on a Thursday, I visited the Gem Man at the local markets and bought a few pieces of Opal Rock.

 I poured a large bowl of water and took everything out into the sun.
I must admit, I didn't expect such dramatic results.

 What do you think?
Magical, aren't they?

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