03 February, 2012

Our exciting gift from Happy Whimsical Hearts!

 An extremely special gift arrived this week.
Made by the very talented Kelly of Happy Whimsical Hearts.

I feel so blessed that Kelly thought to ask if we would like one of her treasures, so obviously heart-made!

Little Pipkin has adventured around the entire garden with this faerie door/portal (as we like to think of it).
He places it everywhere. 
Trying the handle now and again...

Surely soon?...
Kelly doesn't sell these wonderful hand-made doors, or any other of her wood burning creations, yet... 
I think she should, don't you? 
Maybe we should all drop by her blog or facebook page and let her know!

Thank you (again), Kelly. We are so grateful to you!


  1. Ohhh, I just knew one belonged with your family, and it just looks so right! I adore the photos of Little Pipkin waiting... such sweet magical innocence :-) And thank you so much for your lovely kind words. It was my absolute pleasure making this door and I am so happy to see it loved xx

  2. Oh how cute! I also love her creations! She makes such beautiful things :)

  3. Gorgeous--really magical and wonderful!


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