21 February, 2012

Our Camping Trip:4 ~ Our Op-shop finds

 In Childers, our massive thrifty discovery.
Oh My!

As a rule, I don't buy Disney. However, this 55 story compendium
was published in 1976 and cost us 20c! 

A trip down memory lane...
Just a portion of the Grandpa shirt selection!
Our 'new' Old Skool camp cooker.
Green - perfect!
My Man doing his best to fit everything in!
My Man's favourite board game when he was a child.
So we 'had' to snap this up.
This game is still in fantastic condition.
Containing an envelope inside, postmarked 1973.
Across the road, still in Childers.
I was blown away by the commitment of the volunteers.
Matching and sewing their donated buttons, to cards!

Now at the Op-shops of Maryborough. We needed to stop again on the way back through town. Just in case...

A fantasy puzzle, with all of it's pieces. In PERFECT condition.
Was given to our boys, for Free!
I can't wait to turn this 70's dress into a skirt. A treat for me!
Womble pillowcases! And African animal ones too. 
Do I make both into shorts for the boys? 
I'm tempted to keep the Womble ones whole.

♫ Underground, Overground, Wombling free.
The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we.
Making good use of the things that we find,
Things that the everyday folks leave behind 

I couldn't leave this wool blanket behind.
So many colours to cut out and use,
once I have fulled it into felt.
Whitby was one of our favourite towns we visited in Britain,
when we lived there.
(Whitby was on our short list of girl's names, although, we had two boys.)
I wanted this tin, so very much, to remember Whitby every day.
We can't wait to head out to these towns again, to see what other exciting treasures we may discover. 
And really, they're only just up the road!

Lucky Us


  1. Fabulous finds! Isn't finding new and exciting op shops one of the reasons for going on holiday?! Hubby is always scared whenever we go somewhere new, that he may hear me call out, 'There's an op shop - ooohhh, it looks like a good one!'
    Look forward to seeing the new skirt - and love The Wombles fabric. I will be singing that song for the next few days now!

    1. Thanks for your comment Jayne!
      Thankfully my partner is just as obsessed with a good op-shop as I am *grin*


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