07 February, 2012

My Summer finds on Etsy

As we have started to incorporate a few Autumnal songs into our morning welcome circle at school, I began thinking about 'Summer' and how the colours of Autumn will soon take precedence. 
I want to celebrate Summer a little more, before Autumn is upon us.
And so, a Mosaic Celebration & a nod to some of the many talented folk out there too. 
A teensy selection of some of my delicious Etsy discoveries of late. 

  1. Vervain wide leg organic pants  
  2. Yellow flowers in summer garden print
  3. Summer salad handspun yarn  
  4. Woman dress flowers and butterfly 
  5. Natural Doll wool felt (seasonal rainbow dolls) 
  6. Mr Turtle exploring at Noosa Beach
  7. Summer forest wooden playset 
  8. Guardian Dryad and 2 Gnomes  (wood carving)
  9. Glass sea turtle pendant  
  10. Summer Day Dreams print (sky balloons)
  11. Rainbow wool fleece 
  12. Oakleaf leather hairpiece 
  13. 9 Pockets Paisley Flowers handbag

Go ahead and have a closer look, by clicking a link. 
Support Small Business, Support Hand-made and Support Art & Craft!
Feel Warm Inside & Be Inspired.


  1. Thank you very much for adding my dress!!!



  2. Thanks so much for including my handspun yarn!


  3. I only thought of Autumn today as I saw the Autumn Crocus's flowering....Good on you for holding on to summer for a bit longer...
    I am trying to do as many beach walks as possible while the weather is stunning!!!
    Hope all is well up your way!!! ♥Jo

  4. Wonderful array of talent. cheers Marie

  5. I love waking up to a warm day. It helps me with the early mornings we have, as my eldest - Mr Turtle - wakes around 530, with the birds and the sun! So, I am all for holding Summer close to me for a while longer.
    And those colours! What a wonderful way to search my much loved Etsy. So much about hand-made is Right for me. I just had to share. There's so many talented folk in the world. I want to play the part that I can, in spreading the love ღ

  6. Oh´ I wish I were with You ... it´s hard winter here in Europe ...zzz...
    Thank You very much for featuring my Guardian Dryad in Your beautiful collection - I´m so pleased to feel the smell of summer in the middle of winter...

    1. Thanks for coming by my blog! Your work is all just So Gorgeous! Keep your toes warm ღ


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