24 February, 2012

Busy Work - Walking / Hiking Sticks

Mr Turtle made a Walking Stick for his hiking trips through the forest, when he went to NatureWeavers (Forest) School, through the summer holidays.
He didn't completely finish it, he had said.

Yesterday I was in town and thought to buy some sandpaper for all of the woodworking, my boys have been busy with of late. 
They were ecstatic to find it was 'their own'!

So while Mr Turtle sanded with his 3 grades of sandpaper this morning before school, Little Pipkin found a piece of wood and worked alongside his brother. 
He then raided my craft room to find His Handle, which we added together.

 Mr Turtle's walking stick has a lot of character. A very strong and beautiful, gnarled branch.
Which is now extremely smooth and beeswaxed against the elements.

On these rainy mornings, it is wonderful to help keep these little hands busy, and with their own real purpose.


  1. Cool hiking sticks........and you deserve more than one brownie point for cleaning the fridge, it's my least favourite job.

    1. *Grin* I find a clean fridge one of the most rewarding of the Big Clean jobs. I am still avoiding cleaning out the cupboards!

  2. What a wonderful image of your two boys working away like that! And a great hiking stick that will be a companion to his forest adventures - love that xx

    1. It really is a rewarding activity. I love watching my boys working so industriously. And they love the feeling of busy work, accomplishment and capability. They take great pride in this, as do I!

  3. What a wonderful project, we love finding a good walking stick when we are out exploring, what a fun idea to add yarn as well as sanding and polishing. :)

    1. The Yarn was all Mr Pipkin's idea. He is a big fan of colour. Lately the sticks have been dropped, amongst other sticks. The 'handles' have been enormously helpful in locating them again. (Very easily camouflaged otherwise!)


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