09 February, 2012

Bunya Nuts

Photo Source: Slow Food Australia
We gratefully received a gift of Bunya Nuts this week.
A generous person left some at the pre-school for parents to help ourselves to.

After an extremely interesting history lesson and several recipe suggestions later, we felt properly introduced to this endemic treat, and took several home.

Wanting to try them almost immediately, we boiled the nuts (removed from the cone) for 20mins and then peeled open the shells. We heard they were nutritionally rich & extremely nourishing, and so were excited for each of us to try them. 
Mr Turtle happily used a meat tenderiser to whack them open!

I thought they tasted like a combination between potato and artichoke. With the texture of roasted chestnuts.
I can imagine using Bunya Nuts in all sorts of recipes, like fritters, dumplings, biscuits or sweet pie filling. Friends also mentioned pesto, curry, stuffing, pikelets & soup. 
I'll be looking out for more of them. This is the time of year that the nuts ripen on Bunya Pines on the Sunshine Coast
I hope we get to try more soon.


  1. Bunya Nuts are so very good! I eat them all the time when I'm hanging out with my buds in our man cave. Do you know where I can get them for cheap?

  2. I am afraid I don't, sorry. These were collected by hand. Goodluck in finding some!


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