19 February, 2012

Boys Making Stick Spears & Paper Targets

Writing this post makes me feel a little uncomfortable. You see. I don't understand the appeal of weapons. AT ALL.
I've been consulting with those wiser in the world of children, than myself. And also those with testosterone levels, higher than myself. They all assure me that this latest obsession is quite natural for boys. And has been since the dawn of time...

One of the Stick Spears

I have wanted to encourage my eldest boy. Who in this photo is wearing pyjama pants. Because, he has been working morning and afternoon on woodworking. 
Making "weapons"

He has been planning, creating, sanding and waxing.
Each, wonderful skills to learn and practice.

Some reassuring advice I was given by two extremely wonderful parties, was to make targets to throw these spears at. Make it a game. Give them purpose away from weaponry.

Here Our boys are creating their targets.

As I stood back and watched. And took photos (apologies for any blurriness, I wanted the boys to work this out without too much interference). I found positives.
Look at this cooperation. Little Pip hands Mr Turtle a tack, from a pile, and passes him a small hammer.

Mr Turtle using hand eye coordination and rhythm, to mount the target onto the fence.

Again, coordination and balance as he aims his 'spear' at the target. He learnt here too, that the 'spear' was too heavy at the end and soon snapped that off so that it 'flew' straighter through the air.
The boys were also having 2 throws each before swapping. Taking turns was their own solution to wanting to both throw at the target.

Again, the boys work together to find the Stick Spears, which are well camouflaged amongst the leaf litter. 

When the target was too marked to decipher where the Stick Spear had hit it, Mr Turtle used the fork end of the hammer to remove the tacks and replace the target with a new one.

So in the end, how do I feel?
I still feel queasy and would rather they were hammering more aeroplanes or sitting still, finger knitting. But it's not up to me, as my boys get older. I need to trust and guide them, as safely and encouragingly as I can. Thank Goodness there are others in my life that I can turn to for my own guidance!

I have never agreed that there can be differences between boys and girls, just between children. But when things like this come up, and none of my advisors with daughters can help. I find people say to me 'Boys will be Boys', and well, I am inclined to agree with them.

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  1. They look like they are having a wonderful time! I'm not a fan of weapons either, but I find Master D will turn some things into them whether I like it or not!


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