28 January, 2012

Wet Felted Mice (Mouse?)

At our recent Pre-school picnic, Mr Turtle spotted new animals to play with in his classroom. 
"Can we make a mouse at home, Mama?" He asked.

Mr Turtle wet felting an egg shaped body
out of white Romney fleece
Little Pipkin starting a Blue tail
Mr Turtle about to begin on ears for his mouse
 This photo is of Little Pipkin's completed mouse. I needle felted the tails, ears and noses into place, once the boys had wet felted the body, tail and two ears.

However, I only have photos of Little Pipkin's finished little guy. 
Because very soon after these were complete, the boys began swinging the mice around in the air, by their tails (well, I would, wouldn't you?). And then the unthinkable happened. Mr Turtle let go and his mouse flew...Far...Away... 
...We're not exactly sure where. 
We've peeked over fences. We've climbed amongst tree branches. We've searched the garden nooks. 
Oh well. At least he was made of all natural materials. And it really won't take long to make another one.

However if you happen to find a woollen felted mouse, with brown ears and tail, and a sweet pink nose. It may be Our Home it's escaped from.


  1. haha, I love it ! BOys will be boys.....

  2. What a great project, they are just adorable.

  3. is wonderful.
    it's nice when children create
    I hope you return the mouse :D

    A hug :)

    1. It would be nice to find the mouse. Although we've been having A LOT of rain lately. So, I'm not sure what condition it would be in!


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