18 January, 2012

A train ride to Brisbane

Our day out in Brisbane began with a 2 hour train ride, at about 7:45am! 
Our first stop was the Queensland Museum South Bank
which was disappointingly closed.
So we walked on (through the marvellous rain) 
And visited the Yayoi Kusama exhibition.

Mr Turtle found the colours and crowd quite overwhelming. 
Although, it was an amazing experience to be part of. 

 Then on to the library. 
Where there were songs, dancing, displays, computers, 
craft activities, bubbles and lots of toys. 

My library growing up, was a little different to this, from memory. 

Our kids had a turn at everything.
Including singing and dancing on stage.

 And finally, the train ride home.
Watching out of the windows at the rainforest, turned wetlands with the rain.
(glad we decided to travel by train and not car)

And then, our final treat for the boys, were Paper Dolls to play with on the train ride home.
My Man and I cut out the intricate pieces a few nights prior.
(Unfortunately neither of these books came with perforated pieces.)

For Mr Turtle (who is very in to Knights right now). 

Originally printed in the 1930's, the designs are very sweet.
And the clothing and dolls themselves are printed on strong paper
and a very easy for little fingers to manage.
This is my favourite of the two books we bought. 

So, an enormous day. Loads of fun. 
Everything was a new experience for our boys. 
Which made the whole trip just as exciting for us. 
Children provide such a fresh perspective on the things we as adults, 
often have begun to take for granted. 

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