04 January, 2012

Picturesque & Peaceful: The Perfect Party

Today, was another wonderful day. 

Spent with friends, at one of those 'Locals Only' known, special locations. 
You know the ones? A gorgeous spot, that you hope is never discovered on a larger scale.
To Keep It Special.

It was Picturesque. It was Oh So Peaceful. It was the ideal location to celebrate a 5 year old's birthday party.

The kid's splashed in shallow, un-polluted water, adventured along the shoreline and gently played amongst the mangroves. 

 They made all sorts of treasure discoveries. Lots of shells. LOTS of clay! 
There were just the right number of children and such a beautiful set of Mamas. The kids were so wholly entertained, the Mamas were able to have complete discussions. 
(That hasn't happened for this Mama, in the longest time!)

Yes, it was a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday 
to this Magical no-longer-so-little Faerie Girl.


  1. Hey, Aleta, I'm sitting here formulating a new post and all these lovely emails keep popping in to my inbox..... from you to my past posts!!! So cool! Thanks for the neat thoughts on my crazy life. I'm having a great time reading all of them in one go!!
    Oh yes and your birthday party today looks so peaceful - sounds like a beautiful spot to celebrate - lucky birthday fairy! I love that last photo.

  2. Evi! I was catching up on your blog and HAD to comment on each post. Your posts were all so Inspiring and Interesting.
    Life has been happening around here and I've not been popping over as often as I like to.
    I'm so pleased all is so happy over your way.
    ♥ Aleta

  3. Happy birthday to the "little" fairy... :D

    A hug ^ ^


  4. What a perfect 'secret' birthday spot.


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