30 January, 2012

Newest vintage sheet pants

Yesterday afternoon, we were all in need of a little quiet time, after another wonderful weekend. So while Mr Turtle sat flicking through an Animals in Nature book. Little Pipkin and I pulled out the sewing machine and finished another pair of pants. (He pulls out the pins ~ & tries to sneak in the odd pedal push ~ as I sew). 

These were made from a cotton vintage sheet discovered while on an op-shop treasure hunt.
I'm making good progress through my cut-out pile of pants and shorts. 

Of course, as always happens with my little boy who really loves and appreciates hand-made (& comfy clothes), the pants almost haven't come off since they were completed. And have been worn in the last 20 hours with a green t-shirt, aqua singlet, orange t-shirt and purple long-sleeved top. 
All of which suit my son and his new pants, very well!



  1. those are rad! I wouldn't mind them as sheets either.my kids never appreciate their handmade clothes. Maybe if I buy fabric with glitter or jewels on it...

  2. Beautiful ! Love Aunty Mewwie xxxx


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