11 January, 2012

Necklace Branch

 For too long, I've had my jewellery piled in a glass jar, a small basket and a cardboard box. My Man has taken Our Boys out this morning to Underwater World and I thought I'd do some sorting. I was suddenly inspired when looking at my necklace knot in the box, to do something very quick and simply, about it.

 We have branch cut offs in the workshed, for Our Boys to do a little woodworking when the mood takes them. This particular branch looked the right length, size and weight.

 Isn't that knot in the wood, so sweet? 
A quick hammering of some nails and there we have it.

I am on my way to being a little more organised. I only wish I could hang it somewhere (we're renting so "no holes in the walls/ceilings, please"). So for now, the spot by my window, on my craft table, is great.

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