24 January, 2012

Making bees wax (& Orange) candles

Another one of those ideas, that I came across somewhere 
and stored in the back of my mind, until, One Day...
And with all of the Aussie fruit in season right now. 
Today is the day.

Removing the orange flesh.
Taking care not to pierce the skin.

Removing as much orange flesh & pith, as possible.
Heating the bees wax to just the right temperature,
in my enamel teapot. Bought specifically for this purpose.

I am so very pleased to 'bee' using my Queen B order. 

Slowly pouring bees wax into orange halves
and tea light cups.
Little fingers could help here.
Adding the wicks, very carefully.
(And doing a splendid job!)
4 hour tea lights.
 I added some Terrashield Oil into the orange skins before and after pouring in the hot beeswax. 

 Sitting in the warm humid air, on our balcony. In the twilight. 
With the heavy rain pouring down all around.
And now, I have lit this candle.
Candles centre me somehow. 

We made this.
This is how to experience a Queensland Summer,

& enjoy a few moments of quiet Bliss. 



  1. They look lovely! We've just been making beeswax candles in the last week too :-) Lots of fun, and they do smell great!

  2. Oh they smell so Very VERY Wonderful!


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