10 January, 2012

Hot Day = Fruit Lassi

It is HOT this week. Anyone reading this on the Sunshine Coast, would know that already. 
So keeping cool is necessary on the outside (dressing for the weather & regular pool dips) and on the inside (cool, light foods and lots of fluids!).

We have snack time around 10am. Here are my boys hovering, as they do. See Mr Turtle's reaction in this photo (The Tongue) when I said I was making a fruit lassi today.

 I blended 3 apricots, 6 small passionfruit and about a punnet of our frozen strawberries.

 Then blended in about 400g natural sheep's yoghurt, a cup of Cold water and some ice-cubes.

Sweet, Sour, Cold, Healthy, Nutritious & Delectable! 
This milk moustache above Mr Turtle's grin, says it all.

For more info on the delicious Lassi, click here for the Wiki link.



  1. Your fruit lassi looks delicious! It has been boiling hot here in South Africa too.
    Have a wonderful 2012:)

  2. Hi Linda. Yes. This Lassi was delicious.
    Our weather is quite a change from January last year. So Very Hot. Rain is planned for the weekend though, so I think our garden will be in it's element!


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