22 January, 2012

Creative Paving Project @ Eumundi Markets

We were privileged to be involved in the Paving Project, at Eumundi Markets yesterday.

I am completely in love with the idea, that in a month, in a year, in 15 years... we can visit this functional piece of artwork (creative footpath) that we contributed to.
I love the memories that seeing the pavers again, will evoke. 
I love that we will always be part of this beautiful town.
I love that this small piece of our lives will be frozen in time, in this way, to visit and remember. Perhaps with other family members as time passes.

Mr Turtle, assessing a ceramic tool.
Even when showing me their artwork,
there was no pause in their creative process.
My Contribution.
 Such a wonderful event to be involved in.


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I feel so blessed to have had this experience with my boys. And one that we may continue to revisit (possibly) for the rest of our lives.

  2. Cool!!! was it a one-off or do you know if they'll do it again? Wanting to make pavers for the pixie garden too...

  3. You have a pixie garden Arzu? That's a fantastic idea. So personal. Pls let me know more when you can ... ღ


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