12 December, 2011

What we're making and munching this December

 Freezing Orange segments.
Fun, Refreshing and Good for us!

Can't beat trimming a tray of strawberries by the pool.

 Some of them made it to the freezer, for smoothies, icecream, sangria and snacks.

 It's Summer and Mango Season is here. 
 Click here for some tips on how to slice a mango for freezing and eating.

 My Man's absolute favourite homemade biscuits are: Chocolate Chilli Cookies, from one of my favourite Gluten/Dairy free cookbooks: Sweet Alternative by Ariana Bundy.

 My first attempt at making popcorn this month. 
I think I got a little distracted...

 We made bruschetta all together for lunch on Saturday. 

 Another family favourite - Bliss Balls. 
I've previously suggested a couple of recipes here and here.

It's Summer and Sangria is so festive!
My favourite and ever so tasty recipe can be found here.


  1. Mmmm, chocolate chilli biscuits sound devine - I've just requested the cookbook at our library to try them out :-)

  2. Looking fwd to reading what you think of them.
    I've been making them for My Man for about 3 years and he's not bored of them yet!

    I'm sure you'll like the book too. There's lots of scrummy recipes in there...

  3. Oh, I love seeing summer pictures from the southern hemisphere this time of year! those strawberries look so wonderful. And the mangoes...and bruschetta...mmmm...

    The popcorn pic gave me a giggle - I've done the same thing. ;)

    Happy Summer!

  4. Tried the chocolate chilli biscuits :-) I think it is fair to say I have a new favourite biscuit! I adore chocolate and chilli together, and these are great - I might add more cayenne pepper next time, so thanks for sharing about them x


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