16 December, 2011

What the kids have been up to, this December

 For the last 3 months I have had a lot of difficulty getting an internet connection. Happily it all appears sorted now. However, when the technician came to visit. This is what he found in the 'Telecommunications Pit". He was stung twice and more than a little wary. WE were ecstatic and have come to visit it everyday! The technician left the concrete lid off, until the colony all left. Finally all of the bees vacated (with the heavy rains and bright, hot days we've been having). We raided the comb. No honey unfortunately, although there was a rather surprised Cane Toad under it all.

Cracking macadamia nuts is a favourite pastime around here. Many friends have trees. These nuts have extremely HARD shells. So it is important to find a dent to sit them in, before letting loose with a hammer. 

 I have had a bag of mixed beads sitting in my Craft boxes for a year or so. The boys were more than happy one morning to sort them for me. Why didn't I think of it before?

Modelling with Air-drying Clay has become another favourite activity. 
This is Mr Turtle's work of art.

 And Little Pipkin's nest of eggs. He eventually painted them each a different colour, rolling them about into the garden. The 'nest' became a crown.

 I keep all of my crafty scraps in a jar.

 We thought we would leave them out for the birds, earlier in the month. I am not sure how much interest they took, before a storm hit. So, we'll try again at the start of Spring, next year. I'm sure one of us will remember!


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  1. Oh my, doesn't that honeycomb look gorgeous? So intricately crafted and beautifully shaped.
    Your littlies have certainly been busy this Dec!
    And I'm loving your heading photo's with all the other bits of your Christmas 'doings'!
    Have a peaceful family filled Day x x


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