20 December, 2011

This years Christmas Tree

Last year, we made a paper Christmas Tree. Which was a hit with all of the family. My boys actually asked to do it again this year, but I have had something else in mind. With sticks.

Although, as happens, plans change.

A friend mentioned that last year, they used a palm tree seed-fruit branch. One that perfectly looked like a Christmas Tree. And wouldn't you know it? 2 days later, a perfect one dropped onto our driveway, from above.

I also had planned to dress and decorate it with fallen gum leaves. However, on our morning decoration hunt, Little Pipkin decided he would prefer to take little bits of nature from all around our garden. 
So, we went with that. 

 We will add to the decorations in the coming days, as the flowers wilt and the leaves dry and curl.

We ate our homemade Gingerbread and sang
(mostly) Christmas carols while we worked.
Instead of threading and hanging the leaves,
I simply poked a hole in each one with the end of a paintbrush.

 • . :°•..•°:.••


  1. Very, very nice!! I love the way you have brought your surrounding nature into your home and celebrations.
    I'm really quite taken with the simplicity of it (I'm a little overwhelmed with it all here atm!!) and will be showing this post to my soon to be mama daughter. She will love it too x x

    Have an awesome Christmas with your loved ones! And thanks for spreading the love earlier this year!

  2. I love this! It turned out really sweet.

  3. I love it Aleta. We are at my mums now for chrismtas and she has done the same thing !

  4. We have basically the same tree story as you!! (http://mamagonegreen.blogspot.com/2011/12/some-christmas-cheer-and-not-your.html) ....except I think that your looks a bit nicer!


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