04 December, 2011

The Things Kids Say

Our eldest has been quite into his Idioms, this week.
Creating his own turn of phrase, to emphatically express what he is thinking...

When in a fairly grumpy mood, he referred to himself as; "Ferocious as a Camel"

When running one afternoon, he paused to tell me he was as "Fast as a Feather"

& perhaps our favourite. When his little brother took the plunge and swam off the step to his Mama, a metre or so away in the shallow end, Mr Turtle clapped his hands and said in absolute awe and delight, "(Little Pipkin), you're as Brave as a Pumpkin!"

Needless to say, these have actually caught on around here. 

I'm sure some of you reading this will have your own gems, from the mouths of your babes. 
I'd love to hear about them in the comments, if you're happy to share.

1 comment:

  1. haha, brave as a pumpkin made me laugh out loud! :D (and I still have sore abs from the workout so it also hurt a little xD)


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