19 December, 2011

Sewing Summer Shorts

My littlest guy has been in dire need of new clothes, especially Shorts, for a while. 
So, finally, his Mama got sewing.

 And I have had my eye on some particular fabrics in my stash, just for him. 
This pile is actually 6 shorts and 2 pants, all cut out and ready to go. Using my own slap-dash method for sewing shorts and pants. Written about here

 This time I completed 3 pair for Little Pipkin and one pair for his Big brother.

Little Pipkin was more than happy to model.

I AM a fan of Home, Hand and Heart-made, I have to say.



  1. If you're ever looking for a good home for any hand-me-downs, Elan would be oh so chuffed to wear them.... :)

  2. Hee hee. So pleased you like them. But they're so very simple. I can easily show you how! ღ


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